Mode d'emploi des mÓj de BIOS Abit KT7

Les deux fichiers sont prÚsents dans le zip proposÚ au download.

  1. In order to flash update the BIOS, you will need 2 files:
    1. the BIOS binary file
    AWDFLASH.EXE utility file.
  2. Create a directory or folder on you C: and name it BIOS
  3. Download the BIOS file you needed (the latest revision always covers the updates from previous revisions), i.e. BH6FU.EXE, and download the AWDFLASH.EXE into the new BIOS directory.
  4. Execute the BIOS file, then it will automatically self-decompress into a binary file, i.e. BH6_FU.BIN. You can execute the file by double clicking it inside Windows Explorer, or run it under DOS.
  5. Take a piece of paper and write down AWDFLASH.EXE and the name of the BIOS binary file.
  6. Shut down your computer properly, then turn it off.
  7. Restart the computer, press DEL to go into the BIOS, then please disable the following:
    1. System BIOS Cacheable (in Advanced Chipset Features)
    2. Video BIOS Shadow (in Advanced BIOS Features)
    3. If you have a KT7-RAID motherboard, make sure the "Future ATA IDE Controller" is enabled in integrated peripherals.
  8. Save it, then restart the computer press Ctrl + F5, just before Windows starting up, for a clean boot, you will get the message "Windows is bypassing all your startup files" and you end up at the DOS prompt.
  9. Type in "cd BIOS" to go into your newly created directory.
  10. Type AWDFLASH newbios.bin /py /cc /sn /cd, where newbios.bin is the file name for the BIOS binary file you want your BIOS to upgrade to.
  11. For example, updating BH6 (bh6_fu.bin), you would type: AWDFLASH bh6_fu.bin /py /cc /sn /cd
  12. Press F1 to reset, then press DEL to go into BIOS, then please:
    1. Load the Setup Default
    2. Go into CPU softmenu to adjust your CPU speed and voltage (please make sure the CPU voltage matches your CPU specs)
    3. Save it and Exit it.